Saint-Denis Street

Centuries ago Saint-Denis was considered one of the most honorable highways of the city, through which French monarchs, foreign guests and military triumphs went. Nowadays this area is notorious. Despite the fact that in France all sorts of dubious establishments are banned, in the heart of Paris on San Denis one can find them without any problems.

St. Denis, the so-called Parisian "red light district". In France, brothels work secretly. But despite this, in the doorways along Saint-Denis there are women in stockings and corsets or a coat on the naked body, bored waiting for the client. They are often in years, not very well groomed, with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Coca-Cola in their hands. Nearby is guarded - as a rule, afrofransuzy strong constitution.Public houses in France, like pimping, are prohibited. Violators face imprisonment. Prostitution itself is formally legalized. You can not just molest clients on the street, and to take money for sex by law is allowed.

The Paris authorities repeatedly tried to fight the way of life of the street and tried to rent houses to commercial structures, but because of too high rent and not too safe neighborhood, many organizations very soon left the block, leaving it to permanent residents.

Every year, sex workers on Rue Saint-Denis are harder to pay rent of "cabinets". They slowly, but confidently crowd out companies engaged in Internet commerce. Perhaps in a few years the street will lose its former glory and the place of shops with goods for intima will be occupied by offices and cozy cafes.

Perhaps the dubious glory of the Saint-Denis street will be forgotten tomorrow.