Pigalle Square

No, probably another such place in Paris, like Pigalle Square, the past and present of which would have been so strikingly different from each other. The modern square is located on the slope of Mount Montmartre, which was located two thousand years ago outside the city, and became famous, then, for tragic events.

In the third century AD, a new religion was quickly spreading in Europe - Christianity. In Paris came her preacher - Dionysius, along with several of his assistants. Here he became the founder of the Christian community and its bishop. The success of his sermon was aroused by the wrath of the local ruler. The saint and his associates were seized, tortured and sentenced to death.
The sentence was carried out on Mount Montmartre. According to legend, after cutting off the head of the martyr Dionysius, a miracle happened. He got up, took his head, washed it from the blood in the spring and carried it. Only when he reached the church he built, the Holy One fell and left this world.
Since then, Dionysius began to be considered the patron saint of Paris. And the hill, where he and his friends were executed, was called the mountain of martyrs. Which sounds like Montmartre today.

On a grandiose plan for the restructuring of the French capital of the XIX century, Montmartre became a part of it. It was covered with a network of new streets and squares, one of which became known as Pigalle.
The new square itself was named after the French sculptor Pigal, who lived in the XVIII century. Enjoyed by the patronage of vip escort in paris Madame Pompadour, the sculptor created statues of Louis XV, portraits of the philosophers Voltaire and Diderot. For a number of outstanding works, the French Academy of Arts made him its member, and the state - perpetuated the name of Pigal in the name of the square.

Already at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Pigal Square was dominated by very loose mores. In our own time, she enters the red light district. This place in Paris, where walks with children are not recommended even in the daytime: the doors of sex shops are open all around, everywhere in the streets are merchants offering the appropriate terrain goods. Among the inhabitants are predominantly immigrants from Asia and Africa. In the evening, representatives of the ancient profession go out hunting.

The place where prayer was praised for centuries or a peaceful family life flowed, by today has become a district of brothels, night cabarets and strip bars.