Museum of Eroticism

Literally a hundred meters from the cabaret "Moulin Rouge" is a museum of eroticism. The place where this very unconventional museum is located is hardly accidental. Boulevard Clichy, located near Pigal Square, more known to the common man in the street, as a block of "red lights", was very useful. Almost every door in this area hides behind itself either a striptease bar or a store selling erotic baubles.

In seven halls a rather large museum divided into epochs, you can find many interesting things, from porn pictures and posters to sculptures and ritual installations of different peoples.

The first two floors and the basement are reserved for permanent exhibitions - the museum's personal collection. At the moment the collection has not less than 2000 exhibits. The upper floors are occupied by temporary thematic exhibitions, which are changed every two months.

Every year the museum is visited by more than 10 million tourists. Everyone wants to know about the origins of the paris escort. And I must say that this is really a very interesting museum, which certainly should be included in your travel plan. In addition to inspecting the museum's exposition itself, which is very diverse, it was still very exciting to sometimes intersect with his visitors, see their shy smiles and from this get even more positive emotions.

Connoisseurs of this trend in art can buy not only souvenirs, but also some of the items presented in the exposition. Sale is subject to a part of intimate jewelry, paintings, caricatures and sculptures.