Without visiting the cabaret "Lido" you can not imagine this Paris.

Cabaret "Lido" is one of the three world famous cabaret and strikes its guests with a bright show along with the oldest Moulin Rouge and provocative Crazy Horse. Its name is due to the Venetian coast with the famous beaches of Lido. It was from here that the brothers Joseph and Louis Clerico arrived in Paris in 1946, opened a cabaret with the same name, which has no analogues in the world. The brothers Joseph and Louis Clerico came up with a revolutionary formula for customer service, known as "show + dinner." The start was so successful that it copied all the other institutions in Paris, and then the whole world. Although the cabaret room is quite large (1150 seats), but it is arranged so that from each place the scene is clearly visible.

Cabaret "Lido" is also famous for its cuisine, and its chef Philippe Lacroix, no less famous than the designers and show directors. Before the show, you have the opportunity to taste exquisite dishes of high French cuisine for unobtrusive jazz tunes. Half a bottle of champagne is a traditional gift from the chef for every guest. Requirements for the appearance of guests are quite democratic - the availability of a tie and jacket is not necessary.

To stage the show in the cabaret "Lido" attracted the most famous directors and designers. Spectators are always struck by extraordinary special effects and rich stage costumes. Waterfalls and fireworks, laser productions and fantastic sound make the performance absolutely unforgettable. The main theme of all the performances in the Lido cabaret has always been and will remain, the woman. There is mysteriousness, deep feelings, universal love, insidious jealousy, sensual eroticism and an all-consuming passion.

It is a cabaret right in the heart of Paris, on the Champs Elysees, near the Arc de Triomphe.