L'Élysée Montmartre

This cabaret is the oldest in Paris, because it opened its doors in 1807. Since then, there has not been an evening so that the cabaret remains empty.
The reason for the frenzied popularity and fame of Elise Montmartre all over the world is the extraordinary cancan dance, which was performed here for the first time.
Now the cancan is the calling card of all the existing cabarets, and in fact at once it was considered obscene!

Many representatives of creative professions reflected this institution in their works. Cabaret "Elise-Montmartre" was a source of inspiration for the artist Toulouse-Lautrec. He wrote several paintings here, one of which is called the famous cabaret. Also, the action of the story "The Mask" by Guy de Maupassant unfolds just at this famous French landmark.
In 1900, a fire broke out in the Elise-Montmartre building. Fortunately, the fire did not damage the outer facade of the building, but a significant part of the interior premises was reconstructed. The halls received a more modern design. Various events were held here, from wrestling and boxing matches to staging performances and concerts.
In 1980, the famous cabaret hall in Paris was significantly expanded. Today it is designed for 1200 seats. This is not just a cabaret, but a huge club of modern music. There are concerts, music festivals, fashion shows. You can visit the cabaret in the company of our charming Paris escort girls.
Despite the reconstruction and repairs, the facade and many elements of the interior decoration of the building remained unchanged. So, visitors are impressed with the amazing stucco molding, preserved from the moment of opening the sights. In 1988, the famous building of the cabaret Elise-Montmartre, built by the architect Gustave Eiffel, is recognized as a historical monument.
Parisian cabaret "Elise-Montmartre" is extremely popular in our days. Over the last 20 years, fashion parties have been regularly held here. The cabaret hall remembers many celebrities who performed here in different years. So, in 1976, the well-known French comedian Kolyush presented his mastery here, and in 1999 David Bowie performed. For Russian tourists, the Concert Hall "Elise-Montmartre" is also interesting because here in 1977 Vladimir Vysotsky spoke.
Find the cabaret "Elise-Montmartre" is easy - it is located in the heart of Paris, on the crowded Boulevard Rocheshuar. Here you can not only attend a musical performance and listen to modern music, but also see the famous French cancan, the real one - exactly the one that represents only the cabaret Elise-Montmartre.