Clubs Libertins

For the most demanding and jaded public in Paris, there are so-called "lecherous clubs" (Clubs Libertins). There, wishing to come alone and in pairs, make love, take part in orgies, exchange parterres. Just look in these clubs is not accepted, although to force to sex you no one will.

The most famous such club is called 'Club 2 + 2'. It is located on Boulevard Edgar Quinet, its main rival, the club 'Les Nuits de Venus' (Nights of Venus), is located at the Rue du Pelican, very close to the Louvre.

On certain days there is a free entrance for either men or women. Usually the entrance costs from 20 euros a day (these clubs work from 2 pm) and from 50 euros in the evening.

By the way, women must be in skirts or dresses. Ladies in pants are not allowed here. Our paris escort ladies are always elegant!