Cabaret Crazy Horse

The world famous cabaret Crazy Horse is one of the business cards of Paris' nightlife. For over fifty years now, Crazy Horse has surprised viewers with stunning performances with impeccable choreographic productions. Here the best dancers of Paris perform, the femininity and grace of which invariably delight the visitors.

Crazy Horse continues to stand out today against the background of other similar institutions. Representations of Crazy Horse for courage and audacity are far superior to the more classical rooms in the Moulin Rouge or Lido, presenting the dance not just as a show, but as a splash of passion. Crazy Horse also has a more avant-garde approach to productions of its performances and is deservedly considered the most innovative among all Parisian cabarets.

Despite the courage and extravagance of their shows, Crazy Horse always remains true to good taste and sophistication. There is no place for frivolity and frustration, which are often associated with some cabarets. Representations of Crazy Horse through music and dance glorify the beauty, elegance and sensuality of a woman. Not for nothing in some shows Crazy Horse there were such star beauties as Dita von Teese and Pamela Anderson, with bright and unique performances, invented specially for them.Let's be honest, our escort girls in paris are not inferior to them in beauty!

When planning to visit the show in Crazy Horse, you can choose one of several options: just look at the show from the bar, and arrange a luxurious evening with champagne